Sunday, March 27, 2011

Spring Snow

Part of the plan for getting ready to go back to school following "spring break" shouldn't involve shoveling the driveway. . . 

The snow yesterday was amazing.  It just kept falling.  It was an unusual juxtaposition with the trees that were flowering, and is more beautiful when you know it is only temporary.  Next weekend it will be in the 70's.  

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Beth & Kate

What an awesome day!!  I got to meet twins Beth and Kate down at Powell Symphony Hall to shoot some fun senior pictures.  What amazingly talented, beautiful, and fun young ladies these two are.  I knew Beth from having her in class 2 years ago and just love her silliness and laughter.  It was great getting to know Kate a little better, too.  She's so classy and elegant.  

Both are outstanding musicians and will attend DePauw University next year to pursue music.  Beth is equally adept at running and I would guess that's something she'll continue with in college as well.  

I don't know about you, but I certainly couldn't just walk into Powell Hall, so it was good to be with someone important.  We had fun shooting on the glamorous stairway.  

Afterwards, we went outside to try to get some interesting "urban" images, but we were finally forced to give up because the wind was just to strong!  These two hung in there and really tried, but it was tough for them to keep their eyes open with all the dust flying around.  I think we got some really good shots, however, in the short time we were out.  

Then we headed back to my "studio" and finished up.  

Beth and Kate. . . you two are amazing.  Thanks for letting me be a part of this super-cool afternoon!!