Thursday, May 19, 2011

KHS Fashion Design Class

It was time again for the Annual KHS Fashion Design Class Photo Shoot.  These kids work hard all year at making their own clothes, and I must say, they do an incredible job!  We had lots of fun shooting these images, so thanks alot, ladies.  BRAVO!!!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

KHS Prom

Another great evening. . . Prom is always so much fun.  It's great to see the kids all dressed up and enjoying being together.  This year was special, as it marked the final prom for Dr. Holley as Principal.  I'm sure there are other principals around the country that would be willing to join the students on the dance floor, but I don't believe any could elicit the kind of joy and fun that the kids showed when they joined Doc and his wife for a rousing rendition of "Shout!". . . 

In the past, I've taken informal pictures of the kids as they entered prom just for fun, but this year I joined Reza Behnam and Stephanie Cotta as "801 Photography" and became the "Official Photographers" of the KHS Prom.  It was great working with Rez and Stephanie, and our goal was to create fun and memorable images at an affordable price for the kids, and I think we accomplished that.  

We had two areas set up, one for more traditional pictures and one for just "fun stuff".  These images are from the "fun" setup, and it was great to see the kids "working it". . .

More prom pictures are available at

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


What fun!  So good to reconnect with Alex, who I had in class as a sophomore.  She's grown into a beautiful young lady who's ready to head out and make her mark on the world.  It was a hot night, but Alex was so cool.  She did a great job and having Mom around made everything go more smoothly.  Thanks for keeping an eye on the details, Mom!  

Alex, you were great!  You're ready!  Go get 'em!   

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


This is what I love about photography. . . not just the images, but the opportunity to meet amazing people that I might not meet without the camera. . . Tonight I got to spend some time with Melissa and Meghan and Mom as we hung out in the park and had a great time.  It  was hot, but there was no complaining and we went right to work.  It's always fun trying to find a way to find a comfort zone, and as we tried to get there, we decided to have an "awkward picture" contest between the two.  It was fun, but Meghan will be the first to tell you she didn't stand a chance.  We found some purple flowers that were "Eureka Purple" so we did some work there, and as we were getting ready to leave, both girls relaxed and we were able to get a few great pictures of them with their arms around each other.  Meghan, it was great meeting you tonight, and Melissa, it was so fun to work with you again.  I hope you two had as much fun as I did.  You're amazing and New York's loss was St. Louis' gain!  Enjoy your graduation!  PS.  Mom, your work holding the reflector made all the difference.  You must be really proud of these two!!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Kaitlyn & Ian

What a great night!  Kaitlyn is a former student of mine and wanted to get a few pictures taken with her friend, Ian.  We did a couple of indoor "studio" shots, but the weather had cooled off, and you could tell these guys were ready to get outside.  We had a lot of fun and in addition to the train bridge, we found a couple other locations and had a blast.  I love shooting young people!  They have so much enthusiasm and and willing to try whatever crazy ideas we come up with.  Kaitlyn, it was great to see you again!!  Hope you guys had as much fun as I did. . .

Sunday, May 8, 2011


I love doing senior pictures, but this one was a little more special than normal . . . Emma is a wonderful young lady, and I was lucky enough to have both her and her older sister, Tessa in class their sophomore years, but what makes it even more special is that I went to high school with their Mom.  It's difficult to believe that someone my age has a beautiful daughter who's a senior in high school. . .  This is a wonderful family, and I've really enjoyed getting to know them.  We met at the bowling alley tonight, and headed over to the train bridge for our first location.  It was a team effort with Mom brushing hair, Dad blocking the sun, and little sister giving advice.  Emma said she needed direction, but we got started and she just lit up!  Emma, thanks for making this so easy.  I wish you and your family all the best as you leave Kirkwood and head out into the world.  You'll make it a better world, I'm certain of that. . .

Thursday, May 5, 2011


It was a busy weekend, but TONS of fun, and we got some great images out of it!  Friday afternoon I met David, and we hit a few spots in Kirkwood.  David did a great job of just hanging out with me.  We got some fun pics and added them to the studio shots we took earlier in the week.  He's the first senior who's gone with the "Tuba and Lederhosen" look, and I think it worked!

I then met Colby, and her red hair and blazing blue eyes just lit up whatever location we went to.  She's a natural in front of the camera and was so relaxed.  We spent most of the time laughing and came away with a ton of good pictures.  Whether we were at the church or in the alley by the UPS store, Colby made it beautiful. . . 

Saturday morning we were expecting rain, but it never came and Ashley and Duncan and I had a great morning!  We made it down to the awesome old railroad bridge where we clowned around and had a blast.  We had our escape route planned if the police came and figured we could just jump off the bridge into the river if we saw a train.  Ashley tried to scowl a few times, but she's just too pretty for that.

Sunday morning I met Ali, and it was another beautiful morning.  Ali's Mom had a really insightful comment when she said, "It's tough to take bad pictures of these kids. . . their so young and beautiful and alive. . ."  You got that right, Mom.  I love doing these senior sessions for that very reason.  What's better than spending time with young people who are at such an exciting point in their lives?  Ali, you rocked it!!

Elementary School Track Meet

I was headed up to school on Tuesday to watch the Boy's Lacrosse team play Parkway West.  A good friend of mine, Dr. Joe Ritchie's son plays for West and I knew I'd catch Joe there.  But I caught a lucky break, because when I pulled up, I noticed the stands in the stadium were packed.  It was the District's Elementary School Track Meet, and the District was proudly showing off the newly renovated track and turf field. . . 

I sometimes have people tell me about great athletes they've had the opportunity to watch live and in person.  Our very own A.D., Jeff Townsend, grew up near Chicago and actually got to see Michael Jordan on numerous occasions.  I once stood next to 7'6" Manute Bol when he was with the Washington Bullets, and that was crazy!  I've been to the new Stadium in Dallas to watch Jeremy Maclin play for the Eagles. . . But you don't have to go to an NBA game or NFL game to see and experience something special.  In fact, you might even say that watching young people run beats it all. . . What can compare with the intensity and pure joy on the face of a kid, running just for the sake of running?  I'm at an age where I can hardly remember doing that myself, but I remember running through the neighborhood on a summer night and just feeling free.