Thursday, July 21, 2011

JMac Day 3

Hot, Great attitudes, amazing counselors, kids were awesome, autographs were signed.  Thanks for coming home and putting on a great camp, Jeremy.  We're all so proud of you! 

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

JMac Day 2

It was another hot day in St. Louis, but all you saw at this camp were smiles.  You know something good is happening if kids are working hard on a sweltering turf and laughing and smiling.  I was once again impressed with the great enthusiasm that all the counselors showed and the effort they put forth to ensure that the campers learned and had fun. Way to go!!!  One more day to go and I'm sure it will be another great one. . . 

Monday, July 18, 2011

JMac Football Camp

Great fun today at Jeremy's football camp.  It was really hot today, but Jeremy's surrounded himself with some really good people, and the counselors did a great job keeping things fun and enthusiastic.  The kids were having a great time.  At one station, the players were being taught how to protect the football and had to run through some gates while the coaches tried to swat the ball out.  The coaches were instructing them to be serious, but the kids just couldn't wipe the smiles off their faces.  I mean, how are you supposed to when you're hanging out with your heroes?

It was great to see former KHS football stars, like Mike McNeill and Marcus Harris and good to see some of Jeremy's Mizzou teammates like Sean Witherspoon.  I gotta tell ya, I'm definitely in the Witherspoon Fan Club after watching him work with the kids today.  He's a force of nature and I can see why Jeremy considers him such a close friend, and why he had such a positive impact on the football program at Mizzou.  I'm sure he's doing the same thing for the Atlanta Falcons.  Just a top-notch wonderful young man.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Pirates vs Heaters

What a great way to spend a summer night. . . Coach Gunn's son, Connor, had his final baseball game last night so I grabbed the camera and headed over.  Nothing beats young kids playing baseball.  The clouds had cooled things off, and there was a little rain.  I overheard an outfielder asking his coach, "Why is it raining if we've got a game?"  Priceless. . .

Friday, July 8, 2011


I met up with Rachel this morning to shoot in the studio as a start to her senior pictures . . . Rachel warned me up front that she didn't like cameras and wasn't very comfortable posing.  One of the things I love about this branch of photography is getting to know the people, and trying to help them find some place where they are comfortable.  Rachel was in my class her sophomore year so I know her pretty well.  She's a great soccer player and a hard-working student.  I made the mistake of starting with her sitting in a chair.  It didn't take long to learn that "Kibby" is really most comfortable when she's moving, so we ditched the chair, put on some music and let her move.  It got fun in a hurry.  

We decided to just let things go, and she was such a "gamer".  She started messing up her hair, kicking off her shoes, and just having fun.  She had brought along this great little hat, and she liked it 'cause it gave her something to do with her hands.  I think it looks really cool, too!

Our goal before we started was to end up with 3 or 4 usable images.  Well, Rachel, you did that and more.  I had a great time and can't wait to shoot the outdoor stuff next weekend.  Love the hair. . . love the "lines". . . love the pics!!  You ROCK!!

Saturday, July 2, 2011


Met "D" this morning up at the high school for a "Senior Photo" session.  It was already warming up by 7:00am, so it's a lucky thing we started early.  What a great morning!  "D" is a natural and really seemed to be comfortable in front of the camera.  He wanted to get some pictures at the football field so we started out there.  Then we head inside for some studio work.  The A/C was on, but we were both still sweating pretty good.  It's going to get really hot today, I'm afraid.

"D" has great taste in clothes.  The blue checks were great, and the coat and tie were sweet.  

Great job, "D".  I loved hanging out this morning.  You were outstanding and I think we really nailed it.  Enjoy!