Sunday, September 25, 2011

Benjamin Loves Trains!

. . . I mean LOVES trains!!  He knows how to pull the brake lever and make sure the train stops.  He loves climbing on them, looking at them, and just being around them.  He knows most of the "Polar Express" by heart and acted out several scenes today.  He's got a younger brother coming soon, and I'm sure he'll love having a partner to explore with.

Jackie and Darrell, thanks for letting me hang out with you and your little guy today.  It was an awesome autumn afternoon and it couldn't have been more fun!

Fun Fridays Continue With Win Over Parkway North

It was more of the same Friday Night, as the Pioneers rolled over the visiting Vikings.  A rainy afternoon and threatening skies turned in to a beautiful evening.  The Pep Club was inspired, the Pommies were stellar, the band ROCKED, and the cheerleaders looked amazing in their new "sporty" uniforms.  Coach Matt Irvin has the Pioneers rolling, believing, and focused.  They know they have the opportunity to accomplish something extra-special, and are committed to doing just that.  It's good to be a Pioneer!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

KHS Girl's Tennis Poster

It was time to shoot the Girl's Tennis Poster, and I knew I was in for a great time.  We decided to go "serious", and that's always good for some laughs as these girls try to put on their game faces.  They did a great job, however, and are pretty intimidating if you ask me.  With only 5 seniors, this year's team is young.  They all seem like such nice kids and have a great time together.  If you get the chance, get and and support these great kids!!

Thanks, ladies, for such a fun afternoon!

Pioneers Roll over Hawks

I'm fully aware that in sports, you can never get too high or too low.  When a coach wins, he immediately begins thinking long-term. . . what do we have to do to prepare for next week?  But sometimes, you just have to let go and smile, and soak in the performance.  It's been a long time since I've seen a team in any sport click like the Pioneers clicked on Saturday as they routed host Hazelwood Central.  In addition to the 7 touchdowns they scored, 5 were called back!!  The defense was stingy, and Central threated only once late when their running back broke out of a pack and looked like he might go the distance but was caught from behind before he reached pay dirt.  

After the game, Coach Irvin addressed the team and acknowledged their fine performance, but challenged them to be consistently excellent.  He praised not only the starters, but also the scout teams who did an outstanding job in preparation this past week.  Several tough opponents await, but I think it's time to start getting excited about this team.  Congratulations fellas on an amazing Saturday. . .

Greentree Parade

I had to laugh when I saw the car go by with the sign, "Grand Marshall, Dave Holley" and no Dave Holly in it. . .  That's one more thing I love about Dr. Holley.  If he was supposed to do something, but found a better way to do it, he just did it. . . and that better way always resulted in more smiles.  It was no different on Saturday as he handed out candy to the masses.  He finally caught up to the car and rode out the parade, but not before he'd left his mark. . .

Monday, September 12, 2011


Wow!  Ellen wanted to get some more fashion-type urban pictures, so we met down at the Tap Room on Locust St. downtown.  Ellen show up ready to work, and we had an awesome time.  She really feels comfortable in front of the camera and made my job so easy.  I gave her very little direction, she just naturally seemed to know what looked good.

Ellen, you're beautiful, and you did an amazing job!  I'm glad you had so much fun.  I think it shows in these images.

Sunday, September 4, 2011


What high school student do you know that's willing to get up early on a day off?  Well, Megan and I met down by the train station at 6:30 this morning, hoping to catch some early light, but there were nothing but clouds and the threat of rain.  That didn't damper Megan's enthusiasm one bit.  

I had the wonderful experience of having Megan in my 1st hour last year, and she always had a 100% positive attitude.  It's hard to find people like Megan, but when you do, you know you've found someone special.  

Megan had some great ideas, like having Mom bring the dog, or shooting by the fountain.  Megan, like always, you were fun to be around, and I think we got some great stuff here. . . 

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Paul and Jamee

Congratulations, Paul and Jamee!  What an all-around awesome experience it was to share in your special day.  You would think that a wedding held outdoors in 100+ temperatures would be less than a wonderful experience, but because of your amazing attitudes it was nothing but wonderful.  Paul's younger brother Mark gave one of the best officiating speeches I think I've ever heard, explaining that he had plenty of experience with love, because of how he saw it everyday in his parents and grandparents.  

After the ceremony, everyone headed down to the Tap Room for the reception.  What an excellent room for the event.  Classy and comfortable and plenty of windows letting in some great light.  After dinner, and some humor-filled toasts, all in attendance danced the night away. . .