Saturday, February 19, 2011

Pioneers Celebrate Seniors, Undefeated Conference Championship

It was Senior Night for three outstanding young ladies of the Kirkwood Basketball Program, players Tara Taylor and Allison Lieb, and Manager Grace Mehan.  

Allison is an extremely bright and kind individual.  I was fortunate enough to have her as a student when she was a sophomore, and you could tell back then that she had something special and was on her way to accomplishing great things.  She took her junior year off from playing basketball but decided to return for her senior year, and I'm really happy that she did.  You know, just by knowing Allison, that she brought so much positive energy to the program.  She worked hard everyday, and encouraged and supported her teammates while supplying the team with an inside post presence and some valuable minutes.  Thanks, Allison!

Tara Taylor transferred in during the first semester and wound up in my first hour class.  She was a quiet and reserved student when she decided to go out for basketball.  It's a great reflection on the team the way Tara has opened up in class.  I think this group accepted her and embraced her and it's allowed her to really flourish at school.  She has done outstanding work and takes pride in doing things right.  She's very likable, and it was a thrill when she knocked down a "3" tonight.  The bench exploded into cheers and smiles, and it was easy to see how happy they were for Tara.  Tara is also the world's biggest Green Bay Packers fan.  She wore the same Packers sweatshirt for the final month of the NFL season all the way through the Super Bowl.  Tara, I'm glad you came to Kirkwood. 

Grace is, well. . . Grace.  She's been a fixture at KHS Girls basketball games, handing out water and cheering the ladies on and making sure Coach Brad minds his P's and Q's.  She takes great pride in her work, and has often chastised me for getting out of line.  She's even taken over pre-game talks and inspired the team with tales of her field hockey prowess.  Great job, Grace! 

Congratulations to Coach Brad Sutterer!  In your first season as Head Coach, you bring home an undefeated conference championship.  More importantly, you have done such a great job in helping these young ladies and their families have a great experience.  Keep up the outstanding work, and best of luck as you head into Districts and beyond!!

Dr. Holley. . . there you are on the court before the game, sneaking popcorn to the players. . . and there you are after the game, handing out "Conference Champion T-shirts".  You're simply the best.  You "get it", and you've made it possible for the rest of us to watch you and see what's "really important".  Thanks.


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