Sunday, September 18, 2011

Pioneers Roll over Hawks

I'm fully aware that in sports, you can never get too high or too low.  When a coach wins, he immediately begins thinking long-term. . . what do we have to do to prepare for next week?  But sometimes, you just have to let go and smile, and soak in the performance.  It's been a long time since I've seen a team in any sport click like the Pioneers clicked on Saturday as they routed host Hazelwood Central.  In addition to the 7 touchdowns they scored, 5 were called back!!  The defense was stingy, and Central threated only once late when their running back broke out of a pack and looked like he might go the distance but was caught from behind before he reached pay dirt.  

After the game, Coach Irvin addressed the team and acknowledged their fine performance, but challenged them to be consistently excellent.  He praised not only the starters, but also the scout teams who did an outstanding job in preparation this past week.  Several tough opponents await, but I think it's time to start getting excited about this team.  Congratulations fellas on an amazing Saturday. . .

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