Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Volleyball Says Goodbye to 6 Special Seniors

When you coach, every team you coach is special in it's own way. . . but some teams, by virtue of the work they've put in, the struggles they've faced and overcome, or the new heights to which they've elevated the program make them a little "extra special".  You get the sense that this is true of this particular group of seniors.  They notched their 25th victory tonight as they head into District play next week.  They've had their sights set on a District Championship since the season ended last year, and although they find themselves in one of the toughest districts in the area, they are ready to go after their dream.  

You'd better have a good excuse for not being in the gym at Kirkwood High School beginning next Monday!  Don't miss it!  Come and cheer on this group that has made us all so proud. . .

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