Saturday, October 2, 2010

Jenny P

What a fun morning!  Jenny P is a former student of mine, and just a wonderful young lady.  Last year, we shot her sister Laurie's Senior Pictures, so it was fun do Jenny's.  Mom was a big help again, fixing hair, lugging equipment, and holding the transmitter.  Jenny was fabulous from the start.  She has gorgeous blue eyes and a smile to match and just lights up the frame.  

It was supposed to be sunny all day today, but it was in the 50's and the clouds showed up immediately.  Then the rain started.  Jenny was a trooper, though, and stuck it out, even though she spent half the shoot shivering.  We laughed a lot.  So Jenny, remember, "Cross your BOOTS", "Hands Up", and "It looked good in New York". . .

Thanks for such an amazing and fun morning!!  You're beautiful!

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