Friday, November 26, 2010

Frozen Turkey!

It was a great day for football. . . the kind where you sit in the living room by the fireplace in front of the TV with some good food. . . 

It wasn't quite as nice if you were forced to be outside in the rain and cold, but a surprising number of loyal fans showed up at Moss Field for the annual Turkey Day game.  Kirkwood fumbled the opening kickoff, and it was clear that hanging on to the ball would be a problem all day, as would footing, throwing, catching, kicking, and anything else associated with football.  (Instead of trainers, both teams might have been better off employing life-guards, as several tackles took players into some serious water hazzards.)  Webster took advantage of the turnover, scoring on a long run, and after several more possessions, it looked as though that might be all the scoring for the day.  

The Pioneers rallied, however, scoring both on the ground and in the air, but extra points made the difference as Webster escaped with a 14-12 victory, and reclaimed the Frisco Bell.  

Early in the 2nd half, the rain changed to snow, and made for a memorable afternoon.  If you were one of the hearty souls who stuck it out, KUDOS to you!  You're a true fan!

And here's a nod to both JV teams for gutting this one out.  It's tough to play when you can't feel your hands or your feet, and you're soaked to the skin, but you guys did it and provided us with an entertaining afternoon. . . 

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