Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Turkey Day is Underway!!

Dr. Holley and Coach Wade shared MC duties as another Turkey Day got underway at KHS.  You can't find better leadership or more enthusiasm for a school or it's students than you find in these two.  The Pioneer Spirit filled the gym as the band cranked out some tunes.  The cheerleaders went "Circ De Soleil" on us, defying gravity and flying all over the place.  It was a jaw-dropping performance, of tosses, catches, and tumbling.  WOW!

Then it was time for the senior's "American Bandstand" skit, in which they lovingly poke fun at the KHS Faculty and Staff.  The loudest ovation was reserved for the two students who play our beloved custodians, Bob and Andy.  I'm not lying when I tell you, these two are like Rock Stars when they walk the halls of KHS.  Kids love them because they love kids, love their jobs, and have the greatest positive attitudes.  

After the skit, Coach Irvin addressed the crowd, and noted the football team had some "unfinished business" to attend to on Thursday.  It should be a great day for football as the Pioneers battle to keep the Bell.  Coach Irvin did an outstanding job this year.  He's really so much more than a football coach, and I believe our school will reap great benefits in the years to come for having him as part of our school.  Nice going, buddy!

Next, it was the Pommies turn.  I've been anxiously awaiting this performance.  I have several pommies in my classes and several of them sat through class with ice bags on their necks and legs.  They were practicing before school, after school, and even at night!  I tried to pry some info out of them this week, but they were mum.  They finally said, "just be sure to watch the beginning, middle, and end."  They were right on.  They set the bar pretty high last year but topped it with a surprise entrance.  Everyone was looking at the door, when they suddenly started getting up from being scattered throughout the crowd.  Awesome!!!!

The cheerleaders finished things off with their amazing and technical "stomp" routine.  The kids all lined up and sang the Alma Mater and the afternoon came to a close. 

Be sure to return to KHS tomorrow evening for the "Chilli Cookoff", 2nd half of the senior skit and assembly, and finally the bonfire.  

Football will commence at high noon on Moss Field in Webster Groves.  What a great time to be a Pioneer!!!

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