Saturday, June 26, 2010

Colorado to Nevada

Wow, what a trip!  11 hours after leaving Grand Junction I arrived at my campsite in Great Basin Nat’l Park.  The site is beautiful in a valley at 9900 ft.  the peak towers over the valley, the wind is blowing, and it’s about 68 deg. 

The trip saw temperatures vary from 52 to 102, with the last 100 miles at 100 deg, with a cross wind that literally almost blew me off the road a couple of times.  Add in the sand that was blowing and you can imagine how happy I was to finally arrive.

The trip took longer than anticipated as I decided to take 128 into Moab.  It’s an amazing ride with giant red-rock walls on either side, and the Colorado River guiding you along.  I also stopped in Salina, UT to photograph an old school bus and car, then on the way out, stopped at some kid’s lemonade stand.  It sure tasted good in that heat!

Katie (my sister) packed me a lunch with a Turkey sandwhich and some homemade peanut butter cookies.  I just finished them, and MAN were they good.  May have been the best sandwich I’ve had in years!!

Katie and Ernie, thanks for the hospitality and wisdom.  Without it, I probably would have turned around.  PS That’s Ernie lying in the rock.  Rest feels good when you’ve earned it!

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