Friday, June 11, 2010

Phoebe, Lauren, & Val

What a great way to start the weekend, hanging out with Phoebe, Lauren, and Val.  Downtown Kirkwood was the rendezvous point for me and these 3 recent KHS grads.   I liked their approach. . .  "These aren't late Senior pictures, they're early Freshman pictures."  I never had Phoebe or Lauren in class, but I've seen them around school, and it was a real pleasure to get to work with them today.  Val, on the other hand. . . well, she's smart, kind, and one of the most fun students I've ever had.  Everyday is a good day for Val.  She's always smiling and you can't help but feel good when you're around her.

We had a great time this morning.  It was hot and humid, but no complaints from these gals.  We tried to find shade, but when there wasn't any, they just motored on.  I was impressed with their willingness to just "have fun", and I think we got some great shots out of the morning.  

Phoebe, Lauren, and Val, thanks so much.  I can't wait to hear about what great things you do in the next 4 years and beyond.  And remember, the guy in the alley is always welcome to join us. . . : )

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