Friday, July 2, 2010

Eureka to ?

I had no idea where I was going when I got up this morning.  I was either going to go up the Oregon Coast, or head inland to Crater Lake.  I was leaning towards inland, when I got an email from my friend, Tom Holland.  I gave him a call and he said that his family had been to the coast several times and loved it, so I went north.  Just like Northern California, there are beautiful views around every corner (and thankfully, 101 is not nearly as twisty as highway 1.  I hiked down a trail to one of these huge rocks in the ocean.  It really warmed me up for the rest of my ride. 

I was planning on making it to Newport, but it was raining so hard, that I pulled off somewhere, about 45 miles south of there, found a campsite, and here I sit.  Amazing that I can be in my tent, in the pouring rain, working on images and typing this out. . .

I pulled up to a gas pump in Oregon, and this older gentleman came out and walked on over to my pump.  I said, “I’ll go ahead and get it myself.”  He said, “Legally, I just have to turn it on.”  I was confused, but I ran my card through and he lifted the handle, “Supreme?” he asked, “Well, I feel pretty confident, but I wouldn’t go that far.”  He laughed and let me pump my gas.  He told me Oregon has a “No self-serve” law (and New Jersey is the other state in case you were curious).  I told him I also needed to use the restroom, did he need to get that started?  He smiled and said, “No, but you gotta pay me for the key.  A man’s gotta make a buck. . .”  He was only joking, went and got the key and gave it to me.  As I was getting ready to leave, I was putting on my rain pants, and he said, “Oh yea, it’s a dollar for changing.”  I told him I charged a dollar for NOT telling him he was full of shit, so we were even.  He laughed and waved as I pulled out.

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