Saturday, July 3, 2010

Leaving Oregon

I was expecting an uneventful ride today, just trying to cover miles on my way to Jackson, but as I was nearing the Oregon border, I happened upon a real treasure.  “Oldies but Goodies”, and owner Kerry Croner.  There was an entire lot of old cars (the kind my friend Matt had asked me to photograph).  I pulled in and went inside.  I was greeted by Kerry, and I asked if it would be allright if I took some pictures.  He said, “Well, I got these in front and about a hundred more in the back, so take your time.”    There were cars and trucks, hoods and doors, and many other nick nacks.  I think I took care of all the pictures I needed for the entire trip, so I was able to relax on the ride after this.  When I finished, I went to say thanks and goodbye to Kerry.  We started talking and I was treated to an interesting story by an amazing man.  I asked how Kerry acquired all this “stuff” and he said, “Well, I guess I’ve got kind of an addictive personality.  At first it was drugs and alcohol, and now it’s this.”  He exlained how, when his mother died and he inherited some money, he used most of it to buy this business.  He told me how, when he was younger,  he had built motorcycles and then wrecked them, and how he wrapped one around a tree.  He then knocked on his pant leg and told me he left the leg there that night, but that didn’t stop him, he just got a faster bike.  He's been through tough times, but come out the other side.    

He told me it’s a little tougher to sell things now days with the economy and all, but he’s got some amazing stuff, and I hope things turn in his favor.  What an amazing and kind guy!  Thanks, Kerry, and best wishes!!! 

(I’ll add pictures of the cars in a couple of days)

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