Thursday, September 23, 2010

KHS Softball Says Goodbye to Seniors

It's always a bitter-sweet day when "Senior Day" rolls around in any sport.  I still remember mine from both high school and college.  As a player, it's hard to believe all the time that has passed, and still harder to believe that your playing time at your school is almost at an end.  I can't imagine what it's like for the parents, who've probably watched their kid play this sport for years and years. . . 

Well, these 4 soaked up the moment, and if the smiles in these pictures are any indication, it was well-earned, and just as meaningful to the coaches and administrators.  Our AD, Coach Townsend, worked the PA and introduced the seniors, Katie Just, Maggie Hallam, Kelsey Cross, and Ali Cavanaugh, and their parents with style.  Doc Holley was handing out sincere hugs, and I gotta tell you again how lucky I think our kids are to have a principal who truly cares for them.  No one does it like Doc Holley!!

Here's where I "rant" a little.  In this era of 24-7 Sportscenter Highlights and the spoiled athlete, I think we can easily lose track of the positive lessons sports teach, whether we're having a 20-win season, or struggling through a tough year.  We too often only look at the wins and losses to determine whether it was a "good" year or "bad".  Well, you're missing the boat if that's where you find yourself.  If you can maintain a positive attitude and continue to work hard when you're not always winning, you're getting it.  If you can develop long-lasting and meaningful friendships with your teammates, then you're getting it.  If your coach can look you in the eye and tell you "Thanks for the effort", then you're getting it.  These girls got it. . .

Thanks ladies, we're all proud of you!!

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