Saturday, January 1, 2011

Gunn Family

I headed over to my friend, Bill Gunn's house in Fenton on an unusually balmy (temp. in the 60s!)  New Year's Eve Day to take some family photos.  Bill has a great family, and we had a good time getting some fun pics.  We headed outside, but that session was cut short as a thunderstorm rolled in.  I left shortly thereafter, and as I turned on to 141 to head North towards home, I was caught in some traffic.  I noticed the church had damage to it's roof and a tree was torn up, and then the ambulance and police started arriving.  Traffic stopped and I got out of the car and saw a car (pictured below) flipped over.  It wasn't until later that day that I learned an F3 tornado had passed through town and done tremendous damage.  It was reported that there were no major injuries or deaths in town, so I can assume the people in the car were ultimately OK.  Several homes were completely destroyed, however.  It proved to be a New Year's Eve that will be long remembered. . .


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