Saturday, January 22, 2011

Pioneers vs Parkway West

It was a night of basketball and male pommies and snow and cold. . . it started off with a freshman game that saw the Pioneers playing some stingy defense, with Antonio Weston blocking numerous shots and scoring around the basket.  This kid can really elevate, and when you envision him in a couple of years playing along side fellow shot blocker, freshman Evan Booker, you have to smile at the defensive possibilities!  The Pioneers will own the paint!

The sophomore game saw a tight back and forth contest come down to the wire.  With the Pioneers ahead by 1, the Longhorns worked the ball around and found sophomore BJ Dean for what appeared to be the winning bucket with around 5 seconds left.  But the Pioneers inbounded quickly and #2, Andrew Wentworth was fouled attempting a "3" at the buzzer.  The officials cleared the free throw lane, and Andrew would have 3 attempts to make 2 and seal the win.  (Now, anyone who's ever played the game has dreamed of this scenario. . . you're at the line with a chance to win it for your team with no time on the clock. . . )  Andrew stepped to the line and calmly nailed the first two to win it.  That's really pressure shooting!!

For the Varsity, it was "same song, different verse". . . The Pioneers fell behind early, but came roaring back only to see the Longhorns go on a run of their own to down the Pioneers.  It was tough to find any points early.  Clark Randall knocked down a couple 3's.  Evan Booker continued his uncanny shot blocking.  He's so good, I think he fools some officials.  They expect him to foul and sometimes make calls they "think" are going to happen when he really doesn't foul.  But he always keeps his composure.  

Larry Toomey, the Longhorn's 6'6" Senior forward played a nice all-around game, handling the ball, scoring inside, and knocking down free throws.  He led the Longhorns with 16 points.  

At halftime, it was time for the male-pommies.  They didn't disappoint with their routine, but their choice to throw talcum powder in the air was a poor one.  I'm not sure what would cause someone to do this, I guess it's the LaBron James thing, but the powder is tough to clean off the floor and makes it extremely slippery.  The game was delayed both at halftime, and during the 4th quarter as they tried to mop up all the excess powder.  Fellas, you should just stick to dancing. . . as it was obvious based on the crowd response, that you really came through in that department.  

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