Sunday, May 15, 2011

KHS Prom

Another great evening. . . Prom is always so much fun.  It's great to see the kids all dressed up and enjoying being together.  This year was special, as it marked the final prom for Dr. Holley as Principal.  I'm sure there are other principals around the country that would be willing to join the students on the dance floor, but I don't believe any could elicit the kind of joy and fun that the kids showed when they joined Doc and his wife for a rousing rendition of "Shout!". . . 

In the past, I've taken informal pictures of the kids as they entered prom just for fun, but this year I joined Reza Behnam and Stephanie Cotta as "801 Photography" and became the "Official Photographers" of the KHS Prom.  It was great working with Rez and Stephanie, and our goal was to create fun and memorable images at an affordable price for the kids, and I think we accomplished that.  

We had two areas set up, one for more traditional pictures and one for just "fun stuff".  These images are from the "fun" setup, and it was great to see the kids "working it". . .

More prom pictures are available at

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