Thursday, May 5, 2011


It was a busy weekend, but TONS of fun, and we got some great images out of it!  Friday afternoon I met David, and we hit a few spots in Kirkwood.  David did a great job of just hanging out with me.  We got some fun pics and added them to the studio shots we took earlier in the week.  He's the first senior who's gone with the "Tuba and Lederhosen" look, and I think it worked!

I then met Colby, and her red hair and blazing blue eyes just lit up whatever location we went to.  She's a natural in front of the camera and was so relaxed.  We spent most of the time laughing and came away with a ton of good pictures.  Whether we were at the church or in the alley by the UPS store, Colby made it beautiful. . . 

Saturday morning we were expecting rain, but it never came and Ashley and Duncan and I had a great morning!  We made it down to the awesome old railroad bridge where we clowned around and had a blast.  We had our escape route planned if the police came and figured we could just jump off the bridge into the river if we saw a train.  Ashley tried to scowl a few times, but she's just too pretty for that.

Sunday morning I met Ali, and it was another beautiful morning.  Ali's Mom had a really insightful comment when she said, "It's tough to take bad pictures of these kids. . . their so young and beautiful and alive. . ."  You got that right, Mom.  I love doing these senior sessions for that very reason.  What's better than spending time with young people who are at such an exciting point in their lives?  Ali, you rocked it!!

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