Thursday, May 5, 2011

Elementary School Track Meet

I was headed up to school on Tuesday to watch the Boy's Lacrosse team play Parkway West.  A good friend of mine, Dr. Joe Ritchie's son plays for West and I knew I'd catch Joe there.  But I caught a lucky break, because when I pulled up, I noticed the stands in the stadium were packed.  It was the District's Elementary School Track Meet, and the District was proudly showing off the newly renovated track and turf field. . . 

I sometimes have people tell me about great athletes they've had the opportunity to watch live and in person.  Our very own A.D., Jeff Townsend, grew up near Chicago and actually got to see Michael Jordan on numerous occasions.  I once stood next to 7'6" Manute Bol when he was with the Washington Bullets, and that was crazy!  I've been to the new Stadium in Dallas to watch Jeremy Maclin play for the Eagles. . . But you don't have to go to an NBA game or NFL game to see and experience something special.  In fact, you might even say that watching young people run beats it all. . . What can compare with the intensity and pure joy on the face of a kid, running just for the sake of running?  I'm at an age where I can hardly remember doing that myself, but I remember running through the neighborhood on a summer night and just feeling free.

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