Sunday, October 23, 2011


Ali, you were GREAT!!  Emily, you were. . . well. . . Ali's sister!!  What a fun morning!  Emily was a great helper, offering sound advice and encouragement.  Her best line might have been when I said at one point, "Wow, this looks beautiful" and she said, "Then you'd better get Ali out of there!"

Hah, Emily, the jokes on you.  Your sister is beautiful, and you're just gonna have to deal with it.  Ali actually found a great spot, with a "lush jungle" feel.  I'd never shot there before, but I will use it again I'm sure.

Ali's also a big Cardinals fan, so it was especially fun to reminisce about the amazing Cardinal win last night and the Pujols 3-Home Run game.  We all had a good laugh when Ali's Mom spotted the "Rally Squirrel" in a tree Ali was standing under, only to have it jump down and give Ali a pretty good scare.

Ali, you hit a few home runs of your own today.  Great working with you.  Thanks for such a fun morning.

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