Monday, October 24, 2011


I remember when I first met Allie a couple of years ago when she came into Math Lab for help.  She was a fun-loving squirrely kid who always made me smile.  Well, she's still a little squirrely (and I hope that never changes), but she's grown into a lovely and beautiful young lady.  We met at the train station in downtown Kirkwood and hit a couple of locations.  I love the blue top she chose, so we looked for some simple backgrounds.  You know you've got a good subject when you can put her next to a trash dumpster and she makes it look good (the large photo with the blue and green).

We were heading across the railroad tracks when the sun lit up Allie's face, so we took advantage of the light and got some beautiful shots.

Mom, thanks for helping out.  You've got an amazing daughter, and I know you're proud!

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