Saturday, October 8, 2011


We've been planning on doing some pictures with Hannah for a while, and she finally got a Saturday morning off, so we headed down to the railroad bridge and then over to the park.  We had helpers, as Hannah's sister, Alynn, and friend Libby joined us.  Dad meet us as we finished up as we headed to the park.  It was almost as much fun watching them goof around as it was shooting the pictures.  Thanks for holding the lights and reflectors, and just making things fun!

This was a special shoot for me, because not only is Hannah beautiful, and a great kid, but I happen to also be a huge fan of hers.  I've been watching her run since she was a freshman, and I've always been blown away by both how good she is, and about how dedicated she is.  She recently set the course record at Parkway Central, and as high hopes for state.

Alynn, thanks for "finding" the flower. . .

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