Sunday, October 23, 2011


It was a perfect morning, temperature in the 60's with a beautiful sun rising through some soft clouds.  And Yaniece was ready to get to work.  She has a personality that is as warm and beautiful as her smile.  Her sister, Annisha, was there to help out by offering encouragement and making funny faces.  It's safe to say that Yaniece is NOT the biggest fan of the "Great Outdoors", but she was a real trooper, agreeing to do whatever was necessary.  We hit a couple of spots, and each one worked.  We finished with Yaniece sitting on the wet ground, but when she brought her knees up and her ripped jeans showed, it just made the shot!  And Annisha, you did a great job throwing the leaves!  It sure was fun getting to know you both a little better!  Thanks. . .

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