Saturday, April 7, 2012

Caroline C

Caroline is a former student of mine and just a super-sweet person, so I was eager to meet her for this shoot.  She is so unassuming and as a result wasn't super-comfortable being the center of attention at first, but you have to try really hard to keep a smile off her face, so we just started shooting and things just worked.

Caroline had just returned from a spring break trip to Hawaii, and we wanted to capture her tan.  She also brought a flower that gave her a little island feel.  We meet at the bowling alley, headed to the bridge, and then over to the park. She just lit things up from the start.  She was going to change into another outfit, but for some reason, the bathroom at the park was locked.  Mom had a fun time hanging out and holding the light, so thanks for that.

Caroline, I can't wait to learn of all the great things you accomplish in the years to come.  You're a kind soul and it's been fun getting to know you. . .

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