Sunday, April 15, 2012

Tara B.

I still remember the first time I saw Tara. . . I had gone to Vetta to watch some of my students play in an indoor soccer league, and a couple of them pointed out this little incoming freshman.  I just remember that she was skilled, played hard, and the older girls were excited about having her on the team the following year.

Well, it's been four years, and now Tara's a senior.  She's had a great career and been part of some very successful teams at KHS.  She's been a great teammate and a consistent competitor.  She's put in so much work on the soccer field, that it just seemed like the best place to shoot her senior pictures.

It's been a weekend of rain and storms, but we got about 30 minutes of shooting in before the next wave of clouds and wind rolled in.  Tara did a great job between the embarrassed looks caused by either something I did (got stuck in the fence) or something "Mom" did, "Hey mom, could you pick up her shoes?"

Tara, you look beautiful, and I've enjoyed watching you compete these last 4 years.  Thanks for allowing me to spend some time with you today.  You ROCKED!!

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