Saturday, April 14, 2012

Will H.

What a fun shoot!!  Will is a former student of mine, and a great young man.  He also happens to be a juggler-extrodanaire!  We wanted to try to catch some of the high-speed action, so I loaded up the battery pack and a couple strobes and met Will at the racquetball court at Kirkwood Park.  Will started off juggling 3 balls, and I was quite impressed.  Then he upped the anti to 5.  I explained to him that all he had to do was just get them in the air for a second or two and we could get a good picture.  I was shocked when he just started juggling the 5 and kept on going while I moved around to try different angles.

We took a break to get some "normal" senior pics over by the lake, but we were both eager to get back to see what the "fire" would look like.  Yea, THE DUDE JUGGLED FIRE!!  It was so cool, and I just started laughing during the shoot because it was so much fun.

Will, you're headed off to do great things I'm sure.  You've always been a top-notch person, and I have great respect for you.  Thanks for meeting me at the courts and doing your thing!

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