Saturday, April 7, 2012

Megan W.

Megan is AWESOME!!  She was brave enough to meet me at 7:00am on a Saturday morning so we could get the best light and also had to brave temperatures in the 40's!  Mom and Dad and the two dogs joined us and we had a blast.  Megan is an amazing kid and is just joyful and full of life.  Mom and Dad embrace her quirks whole heartedly, and it's great to see a family that knows each other so well, and loves each other anyway.

We hung out around the train station with Mom and Dad offering encouragement (and boundaries) while helping haul around some equipment.  We didn't get yelled at for being on the tracks, which is a first.

Megan, you knocked it out of the park.  I loved hanging out with you, and your spirit is contagious.  . . . And WHAT A SMILE!!

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