Monday, August 9, 2010

Best Day of the Year (afternoon)

GIRL'S VOLLEYBALL:  Things are looking up with girls volleyball!  It's easy to smile and be excited about the year when you combine talent, hard work, and just plain great kids!  Add to that summer club volleyball and lots of individual improvement. . . There'll be no sneaking up on anyone this year, as expectations are high, and local volleyball experts know Kirkwood has something special.  

Softball:  The heat this afternoon was unbelievable, and softball was forced inside.  I had a chance to hang around the batting cage and was encouraged by what I saw (and heard).  What I heard was the ball booming off the bat as line drive shots were being ripped left and right.  New talent mixed with returning players has me picking softball as the breakout team for the fall season.  The coaching staff is really excited, so plan on making it out to the softball field to cheer on the Pioneers! 

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