Saturday, August 28, 2010

Field Hockey Photo Shoot

Blog Challenge of the Day. . . convince me you had a better Friday than I did.  I spent all day long with great kids in my math classes, then I got to hang out with the Girl's Field Hockey Team for our photo shoot, and then I headed over to Rockwood Summit to watch Coach Irvin get his first win as the Coach of the Pioneers!    Beat THAT!!  : ) 

As you can tell, we spent a lot of time laughing during this photo shoot.  Dr. Holley stopped by to spend some time with his favorite student, Grace, then Sara A. stole the show when she treated us all to an America's-Next-Top-Model-Moment.  She unleashed her inner-diva and had us all rolling!  

Coach Woodard has another amazing group of kids this year.  Come out and see them as they open their season at home on Monday! 

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