Saturday, August 14, 2010

KHS Football Scrimmage

After a week of battling extreme heat, there was a slight break this morning, and it was enough time for the Pioneers to get in some good scrimmage work.  School begins next week, and the jamboree is a week away and approaching fast.  It will be good for the team to test itself against live competition.  

In an effort to teach the rules and to teach sportsmanship, players were given the opportunity to show the coaching staff that they understood, by breaking as many of those rules as possible.  It was a one-day-only proposition, so players were allowed to wear whatever "individual" items they wanted, and were expected to taunt and excessively celebrate.  In fact, they were penalized if they DIDN'T!  The coaches joined in a played along and it made for a particularly entertaining portion of the practice.  The best taunt of the day was when Coach Irvin (who was with the offense) told Coach Brown (who was running the defense) "We're going to score a touchdown for every foot you are tall. . . and that's TEN!"  

Coach Stevener and Coach Irvin also combined for the most original TD celebration, when Stevener used the red jacket as a matador's cape and lured the Bull, Irvin, into the attack.

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