Saturday, August 21, 2010

Football Jamboree

Who needs a calendar when you have football?  Football signals the end of summer and the beginning of the school year.  It's hot dogs, and the band, and cheerleaders, and young men battling on the field while all us "older folks" dream of being 17 again. . .

The Matt Irvin Era got underway at Ladue High School, where the Pioneers met Ladue, McCluer, and McCluer-South Berkley.  The field was wet and soggy after the massive storm last night, so speed was reduced and turnovers increased.  The Pioneers had trouble scoring early, but the defense came through with an interception and several fumble recoveries.  I thought our kids played hard and the coaching staff did a great job of keeping things in perspective.  A jamboree is a learning experience first and foremost and mistakes will happen.  It's the final tuneup before the season begins next week, and the team will use what they learned today to help them improve in the coming week.  

I listened in on the coaches comments to the players following the games, and as a former coach, I was so impressed.  Coach Irvin is a football coach, but I think football is just the vehicle he uses to get to kids.  He told his players, "It's about getting better and raising your standards, whether it's being the best football player you can be, or being the best coach you can be, or being the best father you can be. . ." 

Amen, brother!


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