Saturday, August 21, 2010

Maplewood Football Poster Shoot

My close friend, Kevin Grawer is the new Head Principal at Maplewood-Richmond Heights High School.  He's doing an amazing job and I believe he will help Maplewood become one of the bright and shining examples of a school that pushes for excellence in all areas.  Last year, he was the Dean of Students, and through him I met Coach Frazier (Boy's Basketball), and Coach Gregory (Track and Football).  I did posters for their basketball and track teams, and was thrilled when Coach Gregory invited me out to shoot the football team.  (Coach Gregory is a no-nonsense guy, and does an amazing job coaching these kids.  They don't even have a real field to practice on, yet they are expecting to contend for a state title.  I'm a big fan of his!)  The kids were great and we had a blast.  We were lucky when clouds rolled in, cooling off the heat, and evening out the light.  Maplewood has a great school building, so we wanted to use that in the poster.  

We shot each player individually, then combined them to make the poster.  I stole the "Life is Black and Blue" idea from the University of Tennessee, so thanks for the idea.

When we finished with all the "formal stuff", I took a few shots of the guys just having fun and being silly.  These are always my favorites. . . just kids being kids.  

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