Saturday, September 4, 2010

Cross Country in Jackson

It was a cool 55 degrees this morning, so I decided to hop on the motorcycle and head down to Jackson for the initial cross country meet of the season.  There may be more exciting sports to watch, but nothing is more inspiring.  'Doesn't matter whether it's the fastest varsity runner, or the slowest freshman, each runner has their own unique challenge to overcome, and when they hit the final stretch, they give it all they've got.  

It was a great day for running, but an even nicer day for watching other people run. . . Jackson is unique in that each race is a grade-level race, with the girls following 1 minute behind the boys.  Several girls will actually catch and pass some of the boys!  In each race, there were plenty of Kirkwood jerseys near the front!  

Cross country seems to be almost as much about encouraging your teammates as it is about reaching your own potential.  It's great to see the positive impact peers can have on each other.

Two highlights for me were: 

1) watching Beth K. blow away the field in the senior race.  She's a great runner but an even better person.  She has worked extremely hard to become an outstanding racer.

2)  Watching Olivia M. compete in and finish her first-ever cross country race.  To decide to do something so challenging as a senior is really admirable.  Way to go, OLIVIA!!

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