Saturday, September 11, 2010

Random Thoughts. . .

  • The only thing better than a 3-day weekend, is the 4-day week that follows.  It's just so humane. . .
  • I finally learned the names of my homeroom kids.  What a difference that makes.  I'm ashamed it took me so long.
  • I love being able to put a "100%" on a test.  I gave my first Alg 2 test this week and was able to do that on the very first test I graded!  Thanks, Justine!
  • I've been lucky.  I've been able to watch some great athletes in my time at KHS.  I got to see Alvin Morrow hit a baseball off a building 500 ft away. . . I got to see Kent Layman play football at Mizzou after breaking his back his senior year in high school.  Now he guards the President . . . I got to see Randy Holbrook's silky jumper, Darrell Redmond's never-quit relentlessness, and Antoine and Anthony Smith's smooth play, all at the same time.  I got to see Darrell Lee sprint across a football field to catch runners who always ran AWAY from him.  (And I got to see him shatter a backboard when Steve Spurier was in the gym recruiting him). . . I got to see Chris Pirtle, at 5'11",  dunk two-handed after taking off just inside the FT line. . . I got to see Matt Krapfl throw to Jeremy Maclin and Mike McNeill. . . you get the idea.  Well, that's how I feel when I watch Matt Irvin coach.  You just know you're privy to something very special.  

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  1. Your posts are fabulous, Randy. I still feel connected to KHS through your words. Keep up the good work. Reread this in February--it will give you the boost you need to get to spring break:).