Sunday, September 5, 2010

KHS Orchestra Photo Shoot

Imagine if your high school basketball team was so good, they somehow were invited to play in the NCAA Tournament!!  Well, that's pretty much what happened to our Orchestra last year. . . they were invited to play at CARNEGIE HALL!!  

Don't you miss the old days, when band kids (not to mention orchestra kids) were the nerds and social outcasts, and you wouldn't be caught dead in that crowd?  Well, it's not like that any more, at least not at Kirkwood High School.  Now the cool kids mix with the jocks and the nerds and braniacs and they all come together to pursue a common interest; their passion to play amazingly beautiful and challenging music.  Patrick Jackson is a conductor extraordinaire, and has taken the orchestra to new heights. . . those rarely experienced by high school musicians.

Last Sunday we shot pictures for this year's poster, and had a great time.  I had lost track of who the orchestra seniors were, and each time a new student walked in the room, is was a pleasant surprise to see them.  What an awesome and fun group of kids.  They wanted their poster to be "fun" and "smiley, not serious".  It was their idea to use the New York City skyline as a background, and I think it was a great idea.  I like the clean look of this poster.  Simple, but very cool.  Don't pass up the opportunity to hear these kids perform.  Close your eyes, imagine yourself at Carnegie Hall. . .


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