Sunday, September 19, 2010

Marge & Wil

What an honor it was  for us (myself, Reza Benham, and Stephanie Cotta) to be asked to photograph Ms. K's wedding!  The location was the historic Casa Loma Ballroom in downtown St. Louis.  The evening was clearly about being with friends and loved ones, good music, and lots of dancing.  (With a strong bicycle connection thrown in for good measure).  Marge was beaming the entire night, and Wil was one proud groom.  Marge teared up during Wil's thoughtful vows, and during her daughter's toast, in which she described how seeing her Mom so happy made her so happy.  It was really sweet.

Steve Jonak did a wonderful job officiating the wedding and put the bride and groom and all those in attendance at ease.  He's always fun to listen to speak, and this was no exception.  

Dance lessons were offered as the Ballroom opened to the public and the fun began.  Marge and Wil come here almost every Friday, and you could tell they were ready to dance.  Some people make it look easy, and these two certainly did.

Shooting with Reza Benham and Stephanie Cotta was a real thrill.  They are talented photographers and even better people!

Enjoy your honeymoon, Marge and Wil. . .


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