Sunday, September 5, 2010

Spencer's Senior Session

The first "Senior Session" of the year was an absolute BLAST!!  Thanks to Spencer and Lorna (did I get that right?)  Lorna is Spencer's friend and was a huge help with all the lights and stuff.  Spencer was a student of mine as a sophomore. . . the first thing you noticed about Spencer back then was his hair.  It stuck up all over the place.  But when you looked past the hair, you saw a bright and thoughtful kid.  Now he's just plain "cool".  WAY cooler than I ever was, that's for sure.  

Spencer took me to a top-secret location where we shot the graffiti pics.  We talked about his art and how sometimes you've just got to hang out and do a little bit of nothing.  Then we headed back to the house, picked up a change of clothes, Mom, and Lance the dog.  We headed to the park and got some more great images there.  Spencer had the coolest shoes, so we featured those in one of the shots.  Can you believe he got those for $4.00?!  

What great fun!  Thanks, Spencer.  I really had a blast!


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